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18 Teachers Who Are Like The Coolest People In The World


The internet seems to be full of people that have really good teachers. For me, a good teacher was one who either wasn’t pissed off that I was related to my older brother or one that didn’t know.

For these people though, it’s better for them. There teachers are like the coolest people in the world…


2. This teacher that taught anatomy with her clothes…

3. This chemistry teach feeling festive

4. This teacher got a scathing letter so did the only thing they could…

5. Reliving one of the internet’s greatest moments

6. The devil, ladies and gentlemen


7. This Physics teacher on his last day

8. The teacher that turned their classroom from this…

To this

9. The history teacher that started the first day of school like this

10. The genius who set this homework

11. This all-too-true letter to students

12. Photo day + Magnum PI = Amazing

13. The special-education teacher that made this amazing door detail…

14. That’s a sexy maths teacher… and smug

15. The lecturer that protested to having to come in at 7am

16. This teacher has some dank memes

17. 1 dollar for 1 piece of tape. Genius money raiser

18. He’s right

Sort of makes me want to go back to school… no wait. I really, really, really hated school. I’m fine.

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