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This Is Apparently What Leo DiCaprio And Kanye West Were Like In School


Leo DiCaprio was 100 percent THAT kid in school apparently.

One thing people forget when viewing celebrities is we’re not looking at who they actually are. We’re really just looking at marketed versions of some smaller base traits that are loosely tied together and exaggerated for monetary value. Nobody is born a natural flawless celebrity, exceptMAYBE Beyonc and Dan Rather. (Love me some D-Rath.)

What I’m trying to say is Miley Cyrus wasn’t always MILEY CYRUS. At one point, she was just Miley Cyrus. You get it?

If there is one group of people whowitness this transformation from mild-mannered kid into larger-than-life stardom, it’s teachers. Teachers have an unbiased view of kids from the second they walk in through classroom doors on the first day until they leave.

It’s the ultimate playing field. Your parents obviously want YOU to succeed, whereas teachers take a more Darwinistic approach to education.

When they were kids, celebs were probably with their teachers more than their parents at some points, meaning teachers got a rare and long view at them before they hit it big in Hollywood.

There is a Reddit thread going on now that is full of alleged teachers’ stories about celeb students before they were celebs, and it is absolutely fascinating.

Def worth the read. Although, keep in mind this is Reddit so none of these stories are verified and could be 100 percent made up.

Kristen Bell was exceedingly Kristen Bell as a kid.

John Travolta sucked at basketball.

Matthew McCaughney was always all right, all right, all right.

Mariah Carey sucked at makeup.

LeBron liked basketball, a lot.

Michael Phelps was a dick.

It seemslike Kanyewas an aggressively normal and sweet kid.

Boots is weird.

Bill Murray WOULD do something like this.

This is the most John Green story of all time.

D’awwww, Steph Curry was always a goodie.

This is a LOT of info.

Of course Leo was like this.

Natasha Lyonne was always “OITNB”-ing.

Where the hell was this DOPE high school?!?!

Steve Jobs was an asshole.

This Prince fact is not shocking at all.

Once a Biebs, always a Biebs.

Rihanna werked as a babysitter.

More importantly, what did Pharrell’s hat look like?

Fuck John Mayer.

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