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Legislature Advances ACT Assessment Bill



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LB 930 would make ACT exam standard for all 11th graders in Nebraska

Lincoln, NE (April 4, 2016) – With a unanimous vote, the Nebraska Legislature advanced LB 930 from the first round of floor debate today. The bill would replace the 11th grade Nebraska State Assessment exam (NeSA) with the ACT, a test used to assess college readiness and required by many post-secondary institutions.

Currently, thirteen states require that all students take the ACT. Approximately 88% of eligible high school students in Nebraska participate. “This is a positive step towards adopting higher, college and career ready assessments for all students,” said Educate Nebraska’s executive director, Katie Linehan.

When optional, disadvantaged students are less likely to participate in the ACT, due in part to lower expectations and less equitable access. Many scholarships go unclaimed because students do not take the ACT or do not take it on time.

According to Education Next, Nebraska has low K-12 standards and is one of only two states to lower standards since 2011, the year NeSA assessments began. The ACT will create more consistent standards aligned with postsecondary success and allow Nebraska to assess student performance across school, district, and state lines.

“With LB 930, we can understand whether high school juniors in Nebraska are as well prepared for success as their peers in Minnesota and Missouri and whether students in Lincoln are as prepared as students in York and Waverly,” said Linehan.

For more information regarding additional benefits of LB 930, please visit: http://www.educatenebraska.org/act-assessment-a-good-move-for-students/

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