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Your lecturer is Dr. James Pickering. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Leeds where he is currently working as Associate Professor in Anatomy. Due to various publications on the human anatomy, such as "Access Anatomy: Abdomen", Dr. James Pickering is a leading expert in his field.

The video “Scapula” is part of the lecture “Bones and Surface Anatomy of Upper Limb” of the online medical course “Upper Limb Anatomy”. It gives you an excellent insight into the triangular flat bone – the scapula.

• You will get three views of the shoulder blades:
– Posterior view of the scapula
– Lateral view of the scapula
– Anterior view of the scapula

• Furthermore you will learn more about:
– The surface of the Scapula
– The distinction between supraspinous fossa and infraspinous fossa
– Subscapular fossa
– The lateral and superior border of the scapula
– Glenoid cavity
– Supra- and Infraglenoid tubercle
– Coracoid process

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Copyright: The images used in this presentation were sourced from: Paulsen, Friedrich and Waschke, Jens. (2013). Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 1, 15th ed.