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Structure of Bacteria – Microbiology | Medical Education Videos


This medical education video about the structure of bacteria will definitely improve your microbiological knowledge.

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Your lecturer is Prof. Dr. Vincent Racaniello. He is teaching microbiology and immunology at Columbia University in New York City. He is a leading expert in the research of viruses and human diseases. Therefore Racaniello has served on the editorial boards of scientific journals, such as the Journal of Virology or PLOS Pathogens. Furthermore he was the 2015 president of the American Society for Virology. Beyond that he is editor of an online virology blog and co-producer of the podcasts Netcast This Week in Virology, This Week in Parasitism and This Week in Microbiology.

The video “Structure of Bacteria” is part of the lecture “Bacteria” of the online medical course “Microbiology: Basics”. It gives you an excellent insight into the bacterial interior structure in more detail and the components of the bacterial cell.

You will learn more about:
• Bacterial structure
– Nucleoid
– Cytoplasm
– Single circular chomosome
– Extrachromosomal plasmids
– Macromolecules
– Ribosomes
– Inclusions and vesicles
– Gas vesicles
– Organelles for photosynthesis and chemosynthesis
– Carboxysomes
– Storage granules
• Components of a bacterial cell
– Pili
– Proteins
– Outer membrane
– Proteins
– Phospholipids
– Lipopolysaccharide
– Wall
– Peptidoglycan
– Periplasm
– Proteins
– Cell membrane
– Proteins
– Phospholipids
– Flagella
– Proteins
– Nucleoid
– Associated proteins
– Cytoplasm
– Proteins
– tRNAs
– Glycogen
– Polysomes
– mRNA
– rRNAs
– Riboproteins
– Vesicles
– Protein
– Phospholipid membranes

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