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Millennials don’t have an avocado eating problem…


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Delicious avocado toast isn’t why households like mine are struggling financially, as has been ridiculously proposed, but childcare…now THAT is an actual problem.

It’s hard to believe that out of touch millionaires like Tim Gurner can even suggest that eating avocados could be a reason that millennial families struggle to afford buying a new home, especially when new data shows that the annual cost of infant care takes up more than half of a millennial’s median salary. Attention: This crisis isn’t about avocados. * Reality check to the Gurners of the world ?! Households and caregivers require real solutions , not avocado red herring.

With more than a million millennial women becoming mommies each year, things are getting extra real. And single millennial momma are getting hit doubly hard: 54% of babies born to millennials are by single mothers AND, due to wage discrimination, single mama earn only two-thirds of what single dads attain. We are experiencing a childcare crisis and we need big solutions that work for kids, households, early childhood professionals, and our economy – not a cost-benefit analysis on out-of-touch and false notions about avocado intake.

Thankfully, that solution is already here and it’s DE-LI-CIOUS!

The Child Care for Working Families Act, which was recently re-introduced, provides a comprehensive solution that would expand access to affordable, high-quality childcare and pre-K for families while improving compensation and training for the childcare workforce. Yes, it’s a delicious solution to a real crisis. If passed, it would 😛 TAGEND

Lower childcare costs for low-income and middle-income families to no more than 7% of a family’s household income through a sliding scale, regardless of how many children they have.

Support universal access to high-quality preschool programs for all low- and middle-income 3 and 4 year-olds.

Significantly improve compensation and training for the childcare workforce( currently one of the lowest paid professions which, again, has nothing to do with avocados) to ensure that our nation’s teachers and caregivers have the support they need.

Assist parents in selecting the childcare provider of their choice–whether that be a center or family childcare home, friend, relative or neighbour. In addition, improve care during non-traditional hours to help meet the needs of running families.

Support for more all-inclusive, high-quality childcare providers and centers for children with disabilities.

Help all Head start programs gratified new expanded duration requirements and provide full-day, full-year programming.

Holy Guacamole! Talk about a no brainer.

* Tell your members of Congress to stand up for working households and co-sponsor and support the Child Care for Working Families Act today !

But it doesn’t stop at affordability. This legislation supports high-quality early learning programs, like prek and childcare, for our little ones.

Why is that important? Time to nerd out on some data. First, a growing body of research was indicated that what we put in the classroom or care surrounding greatly determines the educational( and other) outcomes for children — that is to say, to be highly effective, early learn programs need to have the right mix of high-quality ingredients( like low ratios, rich curriculum and coaching for early learning teachers, and engaging surroundings) to best prepare our children to be ready and successful in school and life. And high-quality early learning has the potential to prevent the opportunity gap before it even starts. Not to mention that high-quality early learning programs for children boosts our economy and saves the government as much as 13% for every dollar expended through improved outcomes in education, health, social behaviours and employment.

This is a win on all fronts. Period.

And this legislation, unlike Gurner’s misplaced avocado advice, recognizes that when so many of us are struggling with the same problem, it’s not an epidemic of personal fails( or avocado snacks ), but a systemic issue that needs a comprehensive solution like the Child Care for Working Families Act.

To fellow millennials everywhere – feed your avocado toast, and join me in has become a powerful voice for children and families!

Read more: momsrising.org


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