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This teacher’s viral ‘check-in’ board is a beautiful example of mental health support.


This educator is making a difference in her students’ lives, one simple Post-it Note at a time.

Excellent teachers do so much more than teach. They can be mentors, role models, guidebooks, and even confidants. Sometimes a teacher is one of the only trusted adults in a child’s life–a fact that drives home the immense responsibility lecturers hold in their hands.

Perhaps that’s why a photo shared by Facebook user Tara Mitchell Holman has touched so many people. It depicts a teacher’s whiteboard with “Monday Check-in” written on top and segments underneath labeled, “I’m great, ” “I’m okay, ” “I’m meh, ” “I’m fighting, ” “I’m having a tough time& wouldn’t intellect a check-in, ” and “I’m not doing great.”

Wow. This educator has her students write their name on back of a sticky note and place it on the chart each Monday. She…

Posted by Tara Mitchell Holman on Thursday, March 21, 2019

“Wow, ” wrote Holman in the caption. “This teacher has her students write their name on back of a sticky note and place it on the chart each Monday. She then talks privately in all regions of the week with all the children about where they placed the sticky note and if they need to talk. A weekly check in on her students. [?][?] Perhaps we could pass this along to teachers.”

The photo has been shared more than 135,000 hours.

This kind of “check-in” is a beautiful instance of supporting students’ mental health.

Childhood can be hard. Being a teen can be even harder. That’s nothing new, but studies have shown that mental health issues among young people are on the rise. Some of that may be due to the pressures of social media or the ubiquitous 24/7 news that stresses all of us. It could also simply be that we are getting better at understanding and diagnosing mental disease like nervousnes and depression.

Whatever the reason, kids and teens can use all the mental and emotional support we can give them. Since young people expend the majority of their waking hours in school, educators are in a prime position to offer that kind of support.

But figuring how to do that most effectively can be a challenge. Most teachers are already tapped out from their actual teaching run, and it’s a lot to expect them to act as counselors on top of that. At the same day, people who work with students understand that so many issues can be remedied by staying in tune with their emotional well-being. This Post-it Note technique of checking in with students is simple enough to help teachers decide which students might need some extra attention or help with their challenges outside the classroom.

This board is also a good reminder of how incredible educators can be.

I started my professional life as a teacher and have known countless educators in my lifetime. Few people I’ve encountered have been as dedicated and caring as the folks who educate kids, and their work always widens far outside of their classroom teach hours. Educator don’t simply impart knowledge; the objective is emotionally invested in their students and care about much more than just their academic performance.

I wasn’t able to track down the identity of the teacher who made this check-in committee, but perhaps the anonymity of it is fitting. So many teachers regularly go above-and-beyond the call of duty to care for their students, and this photo is a great reminder of how awesome lecturers find ways to help kids in every style they can.

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